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Hi, I’m Julie Scott from Great Scott Sales.


I work with business owners that already have a good business and want to take a more strategic approach to their sales process. They have a clear vision for the company, and we work on getting an over-arching strategy in place to facilitate growth.

I recognise that each of my clients is unique, and prioritise building a detailed knowledge of your business, your target market and your specific new business objectives.

An outsider’s perspective, with a focus on business development, can be hugely beneficial in highlighting potential issues and suggesting solutions.

I often work on behalf of private equity houses who want to ensure profitable returns before investing in a company.

The sales function within a business does not operate in isolation of the rest of the organisation.  Often, improving a company’s sales figures relies on recognising barriers to success in other areas of the business and embracing positive change.

Barriers to success could include ineffective internal communication, time-consuming systems and procedures, use of outdated technology, a lack of confidence or skills and poor customer service.

I differentiate by working within your business setting, becoming an additional member of your team, to gain a true understanding of your service, product, culture and message.

This transparent personal service delivers results.

Sales Consultancy Services

Appointment Setting

Filling your diary with qualified sales appointments can be a challenge. 

The integrity of your brand is important to me so I always work in-house, as part of your team. I enjoy proactively sourcing sales opportunities for you, setting first appointments with desirable clients as part of your wider sales strategy. I maintain CRM systems for management reporting and future team activity.

Sales Strategy and Team Coaching

Spending time with business leaders and team members we discuss end objectives, challenges and successes. This might cover training, recruitment or restructuring of teams. We review current approaches and how we can consistently grow.

1:2:1 Coaching and Accountability

I offer confidential weekly Skype calls with individuals to discuss their sales activity, mindset and act as an accountability partner to simply get things done! All too often business owners are too busy working in their business to proactively work on new business development and my clients find this accountability session invaluable.

Sales Function ‘Quick Look’ Single Day Review

Increasingly I’m asked to spend a whole day with a business owner, investor or Sales Director looking at their current sales function within the business, reviewing pipeline or people, or setting plans for future campaigns.

An outside consultant can often see opportunities and solutions more clearly than those working day to day within the business.

Cold Calling Training Workshops for Teams

It’s the job we love to hate isn’t it? Picking up the telephone and attempting that all important first contact with a potential client is a challenging task, and one that requires a very specific skill set. But it is a skill you can learn!

Our B2B cold call training can ensure your sales team continually bring new prospects into the selling cycle by maximising their telephone skills. A day full of practical skills covering ‘gatekeepers’ ‘voicemails’ ‘objection handling’ and never sounding scripted!

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