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The currency of Kindness – how did your trading go in 2019?

“Genuine kindness is the ultimate strength, and when I see it, I always lean into that person” – Gary Vee

This recent quote from Gary Vaynerchuk resonated with me.

Kindness and its reciprocity are topics I’ve been reflecting on a lot recently, as they’re something I’m seeing increasingly in my personal and business life.

This ‘currency of kindness’ has taken centre-stage in my business in 2019. This year I’ve been blessed to both work with some brilliant clients, and speak with groups of passionate business people both online and in person, on the importance of the way you make people feel during a sale.

“The difference between a sales person and a professional sales person is a professional will help people” is something I’ve spoken about a lot, and I’m teaching my clients about the importance of helping people and being a part of their journey.

I’m a purpose and results-driven person, and I try to help other purpose and results-driven people. I encourage, empower, support. I recommend whenever I can, and in some cases I protect people. I don’t always get it right, but I am always open minded to new conversations and meeting new people. I’ve a thirst for learning new things, and I like engaging with others who do too.

I try to give without any expectation of anything in return. If I can see the passion in someone, see their own self-belief, I buy into that passion and want to support it.

When I reflect on how much I’ve learned in business, I’ve taken huge leaps forward and that’s directly attributed to the kindness and support that’s been shared with me. I’m drawn to people with that spirit. I’ve become good friends with many influential business people who’ve shown faith in me, and have passed on to me both business and wisdom. In return I’ve supported them and their networks with my own skills and knowledge.

We all see the benefit and we all grow stronger, and that circle of influence grows.

But there are no short cuts. The ‘currency of kindness’ is based on sincerity and patience. It doesn’t work if you have purely selfish motives and it has no set timelines. The reason these people are so successful and influential is because of the career long favours they can call upon. They’ve given far more than they’ve asked for in return, and that’s my aim.

The currency of kindness flies in the face of conventional business wisdom. Modern business gurus teach us to focus on ‘working smarter not harder’ and doing less to generate a bigger return.

But if you’re looking grow your business in 2020 with referrals, generosity is the smart way to do it. Think about who you can help, how you will make them feel and how you can enhance their journey.

A quick word of warning – it’s not about giving free advice to everyone who asks, and filling your diary with coffee meet-ups so people can ‘pick your brain’. It’s about surrounding yourself with others who are working towards their goals as hard as you are, and creating a circle where you can both support and be supported.

Put in more to other passionate people than you expect to get back, and you’ll soon see the difference in your business.

If I can help you in any way – with your sales, introductions or anything else – then please feel free to get in touch.