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GDPR is not boring – it’s a huge opportunity!

GDPR is coming and we’re all confused or leaving it for someone else to worry about, but by 25th May we all have to be compliant. After months of most businesses ignoring the imminent data protection regulation changes here in the UK, often awaiting more clarification, it’s now 2018 and suddenly it’s all anyone is talking about.

From some of the scaremongering I’ve heard, you would think business owners and sales teams would never be able to attract leads or make sales ever again.

On the contrary, I think GDPR is a huge opportunity.

Whilst some will be hesitant in what they can or can’t do going forward, I’m far from worried about the new regulations. That’s because I’ve built my career in making it personal.

“People buy from people” is a phrase we’re all familiar with, but it’s a cliché because it’s true! By keeping the people your talking to at the heart of your sales process you will see far better results.

It can be as simple as picking up the phone to someone. Emails are easy to ignore (especially if they’re generic impersonal and spammy) but get someone into a conversation and you’ll move the process forward far quicker, perhaps arranging a meeting with an ideal prospect. Yes there’s still a skill to sales, but this can be learnt (believe me, I’ve never had a client not improve their skills or confidence in sales!)

Has the personal touch disappeared from your sales process?

Sales is the new battleground as many business owners and investors keep telling me, so with this in mind, and GDPR looming, there’s no time like the presence to make sure your sales process is the best it can be.

I’m now offering sales audits for businesses. I’ll go through your whole sales process identifying where there are gaps you could be losing potential clients, what motivates your team and any training needs, and where you could add that magic personal touch. I’ll look at your processes and your future pipeline. At the end you’ll be armed with independent recommendations for a better performing sales process that will lead to growth. This can include a GDPR audit from DLM Group

Think this is something your business can benefit from? Send me an email to with your best number and I’ll give you a call to see how I can help you out.